6 June 2019
Mr Patrick Jarry, Mayor of Nanterre, and Ms Sophie Moukhtar, Deputy Director of GUAPO.

GUAPO takes part in the Ecozone Forum in Nanterre, Greater Paris Metropolis.

Sophie Moukhtar, PhD in atmospheric chemistry and Deputy director for international partnerships at GUAPO, participated in a radio program on Tuesday, May 21, on the following topic: "Should we ban the most polluting vehicles from the city's streets? Participiants to the program included Mr Patrick Jarry, Mayor of Nanterre; Mr Olivier Blond, President of the association Respire and Mr Daniel Naudin, Deputy head of the charity Restaurants du Coeur in Nanterre. 

Several issues have been addressed in the context of the extension of the Parisian Low Emission Zone (LEZ) to the Greater Paris Metropolis as of September 2019.The most effective ways to reduce air pollution in the towns of the Metropolis were discussed. The speakers detailed the types of vehicles concerned by the LEZ, existing financial aid schemes for businesses and individuals as well as the expected health benefits for the population. The participation of the citizens of Nanterre in this new policy to combat air pollution was also highlighted.

Listen to the show to learn more here.