25 September 2019

Program : International Seminar on air pollution in French-speaking West African cities

Centre International de Conférences Sorbonne Université - Paris

DAY 1 : Thursday 28th of November


9h20 – 9h30 : Charlotte Marchandise co-Chair of GUAPO or Elsa Martayan Director – Presentation of the seminar’s objectives and expected outcome.

9h30 – 9h50 : Dr Carlos Dora Former coordinator of the WHO’s Public Health and the Environment Department/ President of GUAPO’s Scientific Committee – Introduction. Air pollution in African cities, issues and challenges.

9h50 - 10h10 : Bernard Koffi ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States - Presentation  of a project to implement a system of air pollution surveillance system in West Africa.


Session 1 : How to improve or implement air pollution monitoring systems in Africa ?

Moderator : Gilles Forêt Interdisciplinary of Sciences of the Atmosphere / UPEC/UPD/CNRS, Coordinator DimQi2

10h10 - 10h30 : Dr Célestin Dje Yao Technical Advisor for Health at the Autonomous District of Abidjan –  The network of stakeholders in air pollution monitoring in the Abidjan District 

10h30 - 10h50 : Aminata Mbow Diokhane Air Quality Management Center in Dakar – The air pollution monitoring network in Dakar’s region and pollution levels measured.


10h50-11h10 : Coffee Break


11h10 - 11h30 : Hazou Abi Director for Environmental Information and Monitoring (DISE) - National Agency for Environment Management (ANGE), Ministry of the Environment and Forestry Resources of Togo  – Pollution levels measured in Lomé ; feedback on the expertise mission on the existing measuring network and its potential for development.

11h30 - 11h50 : R Subramanian OSU-EFLUVE - Science of the Universe Observatory - Paris Est Créteil University – Measuring air quality across Sub-Saharan Africa using low-cost sensors

11h50 - 12h10 : Pierre Pernot Partnerships, Communication and Digital director, Airparif – Example of managing a regional surveillance network in a national and European context.

 12h10 – 12h30 : Elsa Lefevre CCAC - Climate and Clean Air Coalition – Integrating air quality and climate challenges : an opportunity for multiple co-benefits

12h30 - 13h00 : Synthesis and Round Table

Augustin Colette INERIS - French National Institute of Industrial Environment and Risks 

Frédéric Pradelle, Principal Europe and Africa Air Quality Service Line Leader, Ramboll

AFD - French Development Agency Representative (tbc).


13h - 14h : Lunch


Session 2 : What are the specificities of pollution sources in Africa and what are the leverages to mitigate emissions ?

Moderator : Jean-François Léon CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center) / Toulouse University / DACCIWA  Program (Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa ) 

14h00 - 14h20 : Véronique Yoboué Félix Houphouët-Boigny University – Particulate matter and gas observation in urban areas : DACCIWA program’s results.

14h20 - 14h40 : Aristide Akpo Abomey-Calavi University, Benin – Characterizing air pollution in Benin 

14h40 - 15h00 : Sekou Keita Péléforo Gon Coulibaly University and Julien Bahino Félix Houphouët-Boigny University – Côte d’Ivoire : Emissions inventory and characterisation of gas pollution.

15h00 - 15h20 : Bernard Nana Physics department, Ouagadougou University, Burkina Faso – Emissions from the main sources of air pollution in Ouagadougou and air pollution monitoring challenges.


15h20 - 15h40 : Coffee Break


15h40 - 16h00 : Cyrille Flamant Atmosphere, Environments, Spatial Observations Laboratory, CNRS – Regional modeling of aerosols.

16h00 - 16h20 : Guillaume Ossohou  Physics of the Atmosphere and Fluids Mechanics Laboratory, Félix Houphouët-Boigny University – INDAAF (International Network to study Deposition and Atmospheric Chemistry in Africa) network regional observations.

16h20 - 16h40 : Pr Armelle Baeza Functional and Adaptive Biology Unit– CNRS – Paris 7 University – Toxicological evaluation of African particulate matter according to the sources studied with the DACCIWA program.

16h40 – 17h00 :Andreas Missbach Public Eye, Switzerland – “Dirty Diesel” report on high sulphur contents in fuels commercialized in Africa.

17h00-17h30 : Synthesis and round table

Philippe Masset Europe and International deputy director, ADEME (French Environment and Energy Control Agency) 

Ernesto Sanchez Triana Global Lead for Environmental Health and Pollution Management – World Bank

Melissa Kerim-Dikeni, Professional Officer for ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability)


DAY 2 : Friday 29th of November

Session 3 : What indicators and what tools to improve environmental health in Africa ?

Moderator : Cathy Liousse CNRS / Toulouse University / DACCIWA Program

9h30 - 9h50 : Pr Gérard Salem Paris-Nanterre University – Geographical and urban challenges for health in Africa

9h50 - 10h10 : Kouamé Kouadio Côte d’Ivoire Pasteur Institute – Health impacts of air pollution in Abidjan.

10h10 - 10h30 : Cathy Liousse CNRS / Toulouse University / DACCIWA Program  – Health impacts of aerosols in West Africa.


10h30-10h50 : Coffee Break


10h50-11h10 : Nathalie Roebbel Technical Officer, Public Health, Environmental and Social Déterminants of Health, WHO – Air pollution and environmental health policy in Africa.

11h10-11h30 : Anthony Verdun, Littoral-Côte-d'Opale University, Ecohealth Chair Program in Air Pollution (Chairepol) - Air Pollution in Dakar - Characterization and assessment of health impacts.

11h30 - 11h50 : Koffi Amegah, School of Allied Health Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Epidemiology and biostatistics.

11h50-12h10 : Gaëlle Uzu Geoscience of the Environment Institute – Feedback on air pollution, emission sources and health impacts in Latin America : the case of La Paz, Bolivia.

12h10 - 12h40 : Synthesis and Round table

Pr Isabella Annesi-Maesano Director of the Epidemiology of Allergic and Respiratory diseases department, IPLESP – Inserm et Université Sorbonne

Dr Carlos Dora 

Dr Gilles Dixsaut, Fondation du souffle


12h20 - 14h00 : Lunch


Session 4 : Perspectives

14h00 - 14h30 : Dr Carlos Dora – Synthesis, next steps, conclusions. 



Session 5 : Experience feedback from the private sector

14h30 - 15h00 : Jacques Moussafir, Aria Technologies CEO, Club ADEME International Executive Officer

15h00 - 17h00 : Feedback of french companies working in Africa in the following fields :

-  air pollution surveillance (captors, modelling, etc.)

- urban services as part of local public policies implemented in order to decrease pollutants emissions and populations’ exposure

with the club ADEME International


17h00 : Cocktail and BtoB meetings


The seminar is free of charge


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