14 November 2019
Press releases from GUAPO

Ulaanbaatar is joining GUAPO's network

Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, announced on 11 November 2019 its decision to join GUAPO's network of Member Cities, through the voice of the Deputy Governor of the city in charge of development policy, Mr. Batbayasgalan.

During a mission to Ulaanbaatar organised with the active support of the French Embassy in Mongolia, GUAPO Director Elsa Martayan met with the Deputy Governor for Development Policy, Mr Batbayasgalan, as well as representatives of the city's housing services, the Asian Development Bank, and ENVEA, a company that installed part of the local air quality monitoring network.

On this occasion, Ulaanbaatar City Council announced its decision to join GUAPO's network of Member Cities.

The collaboration between GUAPO and Ulaanbaatar will start as of now, with the data repository developed by GUAPO being shared with the National Committee for Air Quality. This repository will provide an integrated database for air quality monitoring, health impact assessment, and local policies aimed at reducing emissions and population exposure. 


Rencontre à Oulan-Bator



For more information on Ulaanbaatar's membership, see the press release of the Mongolian news agency. 

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