31 May 2019
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Air pollution : a major health issue for Paris and Greater Paris Metropolis

Monographie Paris & Métropole du Grand Paris

This study was produced by GUAPO as part of the “Partnership for Healthy Cities” program (Bloomberg / Vital Strategies). It provides an overview of air quality, its health impacts and the policies implemented in Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis. It identifies the main challenges faced by the territory and offers a first assessment of their effectiveness as well as possible ways forward.

This is the first study to propose an integrated approach to Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area to assess the current state of air quality and the policies implemented at a time when the Greater Paris Metropolis is embarking on the implementation of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ), which will be one of the largest in Europe, and will further the benefits of the Paris LEZ initiated in 2015.

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