4 February 2020
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Investigation of the User’s Acceptance concerning a Low Emission Zone in the Center of Thessaloniki, Greece

The paper deals with the investigation of the user’s acceptance concerning the possible implementation of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the center of the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

A face-to-face questionnaire-based survey took place in the central area of the city, between July and September 2014 in order to investigate the opinions and the intentions of the residents of the city concerning a possible implementation of a LEZ in this area. More than half of the respondents are in favor of the LEZ scheme. A binary logistic model was developed, so that the parameters that have a statistical power to influencing the respondents’ intention to replace their conventional cars with hybrid cars could be identified.


After the parameters had been examined, it was found out that the respondents’ perception of the air quality conditions in the city, their willingness to pay for the introduction of the LEZ scheme in the city, as well as their intention to change their mobility behavior in the city center, are statistical important parameters that affect the residents’ intention to replace their conventional cars with hybrid ones. 


Authors : N. Sfendonis, S. Basbas, G. Mintsis, C. Taxiltaris, I. Politis, for Transportation Research Procedia